Extracurricular Activities 

Our extracurricular activities and sports programs are offered on our Yorba Linda school campus after hours.

If you have a question about Yorba Linda Christian School's activities or sports programs, you can email them directly by finding the email below, or by emailing the office at academy@ccyl.church

CCA’s Athletic program premiered during the 2021-2022 school year with our elementary boys flag football team and junior high girls volleyball team. Our Yorba Linda Christian School’s sports teams compete in the Christian Athletic League of Orange County and play against Christian schools in the OC
Does your student want to get faster and stronger? Our PE coach, Chris Padilla, offers speed and agility training after school activities to Yorba Linda Christian School student two times a week here on the turf field.
Does you student love to wrestle? Have pent up energy they need to release? Rough House offers wrestling practice three times a week after school. They have two levels of wrestlers: beginners and intermediate. Intermediate wrestlers have the chance to compete in local tournaments.
Art class is offered after school on Fridays by Michele Liem, on campus. She has been offering art classes at our school for many years, and our students love it!
Does your child have so much energy, they love to move around all the time? Elite Mobile GymKids offers a gymnastics class on Tuesdays at 2pm. If your student stays for Kinder daycare, the gymnastics teacher will pick them up from daycare to participate.